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S@vvyfolk is a community training network that supports and motivates people to enjoy and use technology in their everyday lives. Join in the fun and learn how to do everything from simple word-processing to sending emails, searching the internet, using your smartphone, digital photography and much more. In small, friendly and stress-free classes, you'll gain the skills and confidence you need to get the most out of every day technology

About Us

Did you ever try to teach your kids or your partner to drive a car? For a few the experience was great, for most of us... not so great, the frustration and stress meant it was a lot easier and less painful to pay for them to go to a driving instructor. In a similar way, though the age factor is reversed, getting your kids to show you how to use technology seems, mission impossible for both parties. The "grownups" can't fathom the logic of the young "whippersnappers" and they in turn give up after the third demonstration (if you're lucky) and neither are the wiser, alternatively, they 'do it for you' but at such a speed that you haven't a clue what just happened - all well and good until you need to do it yourself!

Does this sound like how things have been for you when wanting to learn how to use a computer, the internet, your mobile phone and understand mysteries and the jargon? Being guided by someone of your own age in such matters is a proven success. "The kids can teach each other or teach themselves through trial and error". Grownups teaching each other techy things, using their own language at their own pace has worked extremely well in other countries and it's about to work well throughout the UK.

Grant Sidaway, at S@vvyfolk, has 25 years' experience in developing learning centres for older people to learn technology from one another. "It's a straight forward concept, people with the knowledge and understanding volunteering their time to help others grasp technology - it's the neighbourly thing to do says Grant" Whilst one on one learning is best it's not always practical, the next best thing is small groups, generally no more than six people with two volunteer tutors working on a single topic in two-hour time slots with a cuppa at halftime.

S@vvyfolk will provide each group with the help to get started and will be there for ongoing guidance. Regular newsletters to each S@vvyfolk member giving tips and advice on using everyday technology will be sent by email so they too can share with their friends. S@vvyfolk will be working hard with suppliers of technology to provide real savings for its members. An online help facility, exclusive to members, will give opportunity to ask questions and share solutions. At the heart of all good learning are up to date resources, the guides and the step-by-step instructions to show you how and to give you the confidence to do it yourself. S@vvyfolk will be able to provide each group with these easy to follow resources. Keep in mind S@vvyfolk is all about people meeting people, face-to-face for learning together in a friendly social environment. There will be opportunity for on-line learning but the real success rests with like-minded people learning techy things together.

A small annual fee to be a S@vvyfolk member will be needed to continually update and maintain the learning materials and the web site as well as to keep things running at a national level and it will be necessary for each group to cover the cost of hiring a local facility, either permanently or perhaps better still on an as-required basis, to hold the learning sessions. Thankfully we have now reached the age of portable technology so each person can BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) to the learning sessions.

All we need now is enthusiastic people:
  • To start a S@vvyfolk Learning Centre
  • To help by volunteering as a Tutor and Organiser
  • To want to learn and be confident with technology
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